About Us

HILLGROVE Research Company was incorporated with the long term vision of its founders to contribute and promote research in the areas of Agriculture, Engineering, Science and Technology, Business and Management, and Innovation among others. To achieve its aim, the company fosters advocacy programs, capacity building workshops, training, technical education, rural entrepreneurship and literacy.

HILLGROVE also publishes premium books, journals, manuals and similar versions that showcase new learning and scholarship in the areas of Agriculture, Engineering, Science & Technology, Business & Management and Innovation.

  • Vision

    To become a premier research company in the areas of Agriculture, Engineering, Business & Management, Science & Technology and Innovation, focusing on research excellence and scholarship for the benefit of the society at large.

  • Mission

    To facilitate research in our focus areas through the conduction of special programs, experiments, observations, analysis and disseminate the research outcome through premier outlets.

  • Value

    The planet is supreme. We would like to contribute in making this planet a better place to live for the coming generations. The outcome of our research activities will ensure that the environment is taken care.

  • People

    The people of HILLGROVE include distinguished academicians, industry experts and researchers in the areas of our focus.

  • Director

    Our leader is an accountant by profession, philanthropist by passion and a renowned contributor to the society… He has served in the functional areas of accounting and finance in reputed organizations and has also been the Vice Chairman of Coffee Board of India…

    He is an active participant in all program aimed at social development and wellbeing of our people… He has been honored with various prestigious titles at regional and national level.


    Murugesan R